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Tuesday To-Do: The Dirty Heads


The Dirty Heads play at Juanita's Tuesday.
  • The Dirty Heads play at Juanita's Tuesday.

8 p.m. Juanita's. $15 adv., $17 day of.

So it's going on 18 years since Sublime disbanded after singer Bradley Nowell OD'd, and in the years following his death, the So-Cal band's ultra-laid-back blend of ska and reggae with hip-hop and punk has proved to have an enduring influence, spawning tribute bands, tribute albums and scads of imitators.

But the true heirs to Sublime might just be The Dirty Heads. So-Cal roots? Check. Deep love of reggae? Check. Stoner-friendly good-time jams? All day long. Singer Jared Watson and guitarist Dustin Bushnell were invited over to Daryl Hall's house for a taping of "Live from Daryl's House," where Watson discussed this formative influence. "Sublime was a staple with us because it was the first band that we had listened to that mashed up a lot of different genres of music," he said. "That opened our eyes to not just playing one style of music. You can bring a lot of other stuff in."

The hip-hop influence might be a bit more pronounced with The Dirty Heads' music than it was for their forbears. But in every other way, the Heads seem to have everything down cold to carry the ska/punk torch.

This is an acoustic show, and the opener is Micah Brown.

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