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Saturday To-Do: Son Volt


Son Volt performs at Revolution Saturday night.
  • Son Volt performs at Revolution Saturday night.

9 p.m. Revolution. $17 adv., $20 day of.

By now it's a familiar story: Groundbreaking, critically adored band breaks up because two of the principal egos come to loggerheads (a.k.a. "creative differences"), calling it quits just as they're really starting to take off. Such was the case with Uncle Tupelo, whose Jeff Tweedy went on to form the pop-oriented Wilco and whose Jay Farrar founded the decidedly more country-informed Son Volt.

Farrar is one of the real-deal originators of the post-'70s country-rock sound. Along with his previous band's records, Son Volt's debut album, "Trace," is indisputably one of the cornerstones of that sound. Every grizzled, denim-clad songwriter who picked up a guitar to write some earnest alt-country tunes at any point in the last 20 years was inspired by Son Volt whether or not he or she was aware of it.

The band's most recent album, "Honky Tonk," might be the purest distillation of Farrar's musical vision: Contemporary country music that's authentic without seeming concerned about authenticity, embracing of its influences without wearing them on its sleeve, confident without being cocky and just really good.

Opening the show will be Colonel Ford.

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