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Food Feedback Friday: beef, bumblebees, and big disappointments



Gnocchi from Natchez
  • Gnocchi from Natchez

Can you believe it? It’s already Friday…and that means it’s time for you to give us the dirt on all the happenings in your corner of the world. It’s time for Food Feedback Friday.

Plenty to be excited about around Little Rock. What were you all willing to share with us last week? Here’s a bit of what we heard:

E.W. Swan is now touting the burger at H.A.M. as “my new favorite in town…perfectly charred and seasoned, tender and juicy burger.” I’m not going to argue with you, E.W., there ain’t a bad thing in that entire shop. RazorbackArmyVet was less than pleased with Copeland’s in Shackleford Crossing. After sampling the crab claw, gumbo, seafood chowder, and stuffed shrimp, ArmyVet declares the place to be “disappointing and just okay.” He continues by wishing they’d just eaten at J. Gumbo’s instead, where “a bowl of J Gumbo's voodoo chicken with bumblebee stew would have been better, and about $40 less.” Again, I can’t argue with this statement. While J. Gumbo’s is a chain, I’m continually impressed with a handful of their stews. Numbernine had “eaten out way too much this past week,” but too the family for dinner at Rock n’ Tacos. “Their mango salsa is yummy & what a treat to have about 4 or 5 salsas to choose from and they are free! The street tacos continued to be good—I prefer the carnitas & spouse likes carne asada.”

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