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Saturday To-Do: HarvestFest in Hillcrest


HarvestFest in Hillcrest is Saturday.
  • HarvestFest in Hillcrest is Saturday.

11 a.m. Hillcrest. Free.

Though the temperatures may still be a bit on the summery side, autumn is just about here, with its deep-blue skies and orange leaves. You can just now feel the change in the air and see it in that different sort of sunlight that comes with late September as the days grow shorter and Earth continues its orbit.

Hillcrest's HarvestFest is always a really fun way to commemorate this changing of the seasons, what with the music and vendors and food and seeing a bunch of people you know and oh yeah, cheese dip! There will be a cheese dip competition, because if there's one thing the good people of Arkansas love more than competition, it's cheese dip. It's in our blood, literally.

There will also be a fashion show, vendors and live music. Performers include the great Jim Mize, John Willis, The Canehill Engagement and headliners Centro-Matic, led by celebrated Texas songwriter Will Johnson. It's fun for the whole family, you guys.

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