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Wednesday To-Do: Hooray for Earth



9 p.m. Stickyz. $7.

The influence of Animal Collective and the first MGMT album continues apace. Which is a fine thing if you dig squiggly weirdo psychedelic pop tunes with beautiful vocal harmonies and traces of various strains of electronic music.

That's Hooray for Earth's bag, but this crew adds to that mix a huge, unironic dose of early '80s, big-sounding pop production, e.g. "Bring Us Closer Together" and "Same," from 2011's "True Loves." That was the band's last album, and it was well received, but they seem poised to reach a larger audience with this upcoming long-player, due out early next year.

"Never/Figure," a two-song EP from last year, pointed toward somewhat sparser sound. I hear tell that Hooray for Earth will be playing new material on this brief jaunt through Texas and the mid-south, so you can check out these tunes before they're released to the masses.

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