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Thursday To-Do: The Kid Carsons, Swampbird


The Kid Carsons plays White Water Tavern Thursday.
  • The Kid Carsons plays White Water Tavern Thursday.

9:30 p.m. White Water Tavern. $5.

The Kid Carsons is a fairly new outfit hailing from New Orleans. Brother and sister duo Chad and Morgan Carson started the band as an outlet for their interests in country music, soaring harmonies, swelling lap steel, sweetly sad melodies that stick in your head and so forth.

They joined forces with some of their top buddies and cut this EP called "Settle Down." I think they mean that as in like get married and put down some roots, not like what you tell your friend so he'll stop throwing chairs into the street. I hear tell from the Swampbird camp that the last time The Kid Carsons came to Capital City, they found out at the last minute that their show had been canceled, so they moseyed on over to the WWT and caught a show and really dug the place. Now they're gonna be back with a proper booking to perform alongside their spiritual colleagues (and Bear America Records labelmates) in the 'Bird.

These Central Arkansas boys have a new video out for a song off their latest album, "On Being Alone." It's for the song "What I Start" and it's all dudes having what looks to be the funnest day ever, with carousing, beer-drinking, revelry, shirtlessness, gunplay, and then they go down to south Louisiana.

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