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Thursday To-Do: The Almost



The Almost plays at Juanitas Thursday night pic
  • The Almost plays at Juanita's Thursday night.

9 p.m. Juanita's. $13 adv., $15 day of.

OK, it's time again to learn about a band by watching a couple of that band's music videos with the sound turned off. The band is The Almost and the video is "Lonely Wheel."

The band is playing in a bar, but nobody is there save for a dour-looking barkeep cleaning up. He picks up a napkin and one of those old-school label-maker decals that reads "I NEED TO FORGET." Turns out somebody printed and left a bunch of these labels on the set for this video. One says "CAN YOU HELP ME OUT" and another one says "I'M SICK OF ME" and then another one says "DRINK" and yet another one reads "I WON'T LET THEM SEE ME NOW." There are many other labels with other emo-type phrases. "I'LL PUT UP A FIGHT," says one label bravely. Another one backs up that one: "I WON'T LET US LOSE." Finally, a label says "IT WILL GET EASIER." Then it's over.

In the video for "Say This Sooner," the band has moved from an empty bar to an abandoned gas station in the desert. The singer is a bunch of different people in this video. He's a hitchhiker and then he's a cop and then the band is playing inside a cheap motel room. The singer is looking in the mirror and seeing someone else, which usually doesn't happen with mirrors. Now there are two of him. One of him is standing in front of the other of him holding a briefcase. What's inside? It's a mirror and what looks like a cellphone from 2002. He picks up the cellphone. Whoa! He's instantly transported back to the hotel room and the video is over. This video has been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

Also on the bill: Austin indie rock band The Rocketboys and Central Arkansas pop band The Supporting Cast.

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