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Thursday To-Do: Natural Child



Natural Child plays at Stickyz Thursday pic
  • Natural Child plays at Stickyz Thursday.

9 p.m. Stickyz. $6.

OK, the first thing with Nashville trio Natural Child is that the band's name makes me think of a line of organic cotton diapers or something. Maybe a Montessori school outside Sacramento in the '80s or I don't know.

But whatever, names are just names and let's face it: We're running out of them, as evidenced by the relentless, each-one-stupider-than-the-last litany of scream-y hair-product endorsers. It never ends, with names like Behold the Final Unraveling or The Embers of the Ashes of Our Hatred Will Ignite the Skies or some kind of dumbass mumbo jumbo. So, Natural Child is fine by me as a band name. Also, their tunes are good'ns.

Their debut long-player, "For the Love of the Game," sported a very (very) nice tush shot on the cover (NSFWIYWIUABP), but also contained a grip of fine garage rockers and a genuine Stones-in-hick-drag country classic in "That's How I Got to Memphis." The follow-up, "Hard in Heaven," vibes a bit more subdued, which is A-OK with this listener. Opener "Laid, Paid & Strange" has a greaser rock feel, like The MC5 circa "Back in the U.S.A." On the title track, the band lays it on down with a weary gentleness uncommon for such obviously party-hearty road-dudes.

Now, I say this based solely on a gut-feeling Internet-based perception, but these dudes seem like the type of totally loveable scalawags that you're always glad to have as friends because they remind you to have fun once in a while. And seriously: The song "Derek's Blues" is exactly like rollin' down the highway en route to the swimming hole right after your lady friend ditched you for some jerkoff, but you've got your best buds and seven or eight hoglegs and an ice chest with 36 cold lite beers and you're like, "You know what? The hell with her, I feel all right." It's like they took that feeling and made a song out of it. Good job fellas.

Opening this all-ages show will be You Me & Us, The Coasts and Shoplift.

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