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Tuesday To-Do: Kvelertak



Kvelertak plays at Downtown Music Hall Tuesday pic
  • Kvelertak plays at Downtown Music Hall Tuesday.

7 p.m. Downtown Music Hall. $13 adv., $15 day of.

Dudes, y'all, this band Kvelertak? Have you heard them? For real, it's like this crazy mix of blistering, balls-to-the-wall hardcore, black metal, anthemic soccer-stadium rock, punk, classic rock, power-metal, pop-metal ... is there any genre of rock that this band is not ready and willing to throw into its ADD insanity blender? I think not.

You know what I like about them, besides the fist-pumpingly badass songs? They're sung in Norwegian. Because hell yes. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I hear more than enough people screaming at me through my headphones in English. Is it time for some Norwegian screamin'? You know it is! Dig it! Get on board the train to Kvelertak (which means "chokehold" in Norwegian). Check 'em out after the jump.

Also on this bill: Savannah, Ga., sludge titans Black Tusk, Canadian bruisers Cancer Bats and Little Rock prog-metal act Enchiridion.

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