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Food Feedback Friday: raven, rock, and radio



The Huggy Bear from White Water Tavern
  • The Huggy Bear from White Water Tavern

Welcome back to what is quickly becoming the spiciest, most tantalizing food forum in the known universe, Food Feedback Friday! We, here at Eat Arkansas, love all our readers like family. We were please to get together with some of our regular commenters yesterday at the SoMa 2nd Thursday food truck event at Bernice Garden; it was great talking food with Raven, Sammy, Kevin, and Joel. We hope to meet many more of you all in the near future. Now it’s your chance to share about your week in food and tell us what restaurants are filling your bellies this week.

Last week of #FFF, here’s a bit of what you all were talking about: numbernine enjoyed Jimmy’s Serious Subs twice in one week, stating that “their brownies are a must for me but I also like the pork loin and Swiss sandwich.” Did somebody say, “brownies?” JenniferB “braved the chilly rain at the (new) Shoppes at Woodlawn Farmer’s Market JUST so (she) could try the kouign amann” from Mylo Coffee, and she’s “happy to say that it totally lived up to Eat Arkansas’s lavish praise.” We asked about the imminent arrival of Mellow Mushroom pizza to WLR and nonameneeded says it’s “so good! Can’t wait.” Sounds encouraging. Raven had the H.A.M. burger, a recent addition to their Friday menu, and he feels “it lived up to the hype. One of the best burgers I’ve ever devoured.” I expect this burger to be a pretty solid contender in next year’s Little Rock Burger Caucus burger bracket. Kevin reports that “the spinach and mushroom quesadilla at Rock ‘N Tacos are delicious,” but laments that his derriere did not enjoy the metal chairs at Big Orange. I’m sure it was no better for the chair, Kevin. SusieQ enjoyed the banh mi from Boba Tea on S. University, EY favored the “Local salad” with steak from Local Lime, and “longtime lurker” Candice “finally tracked down and joined the cult of Southern Gourmasian lovers.” Welcome to the party, Candice, we’re glad you’re here. You can read the rest of what was said here.

Finally, Michael and I have been making appearances on the Alice Stewart morning show at 96.5 The Voice, joined by Kevin Shalin of The Mighty Rib. All kind of antics take place; a few punches are thrown, Michael occasionally drops the “F-bomb” on the air, Kevin makes armpit farting noises in the background, and I try to keep frosting from getting all over Alice’s mics. It’s a grand time. Anyways, you can check out the audio from this morning’s show below (with shout-outs to Loblolly, Southern Gourmasian, HAM, White Water Tavern, Sugar Shack Sweets, Pizzeria Santa Lucia, Green Cart Deli, Guillermo’s Coffee, kBird Thai, Le Pops, and Mylo Coffee Co).

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