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Food Feedback Friday: a box, a pantry, a root



Pork buns from The Southern Gourmasian
  • Pork buns from The Southern Gourmasian

Welcome back, Eaters, to central Arkansas’ hottest food forum. A chat session that’s quickly becoming the only thing people are clamoring on about at water coolers and barber shops everywhere in Arkansas. I know you just can’t get enough food talk, neither can I. If you are as obsessed with the edible as I am, welcome home. Stay a while, you might just like it here. Here, on Food Feedback Friday, we’re happy (and anxious) to hear about all your wildest food fantasies. We are begging to learn more about where you ate this week, what was fab and what was drab. Maybe you’ve got some juicy food news, perhaps you’ve heard some scandalous rumor about a neighborhood restaurant, or perhaps you’d just like to share some of your wildest food fantasies. This, my friends, is the place to do so.

Last week on #FFF, we were happy to hear about the ham and cheese sandwich from The Root, and the Mordy household is utilizing the Arkansas Local Food Network to acquire fresh winter vegetables and grass fed meats. There was plenty of praise for The Pantry, with some seductive sounding crème brulee cheesecake, and many kind (and well-deserved) words for owner Tomas Bohm. Raven kicked off a nice little discussion about The Box and their renowned cheeseburgers. Some touted it as serving the best cheeseburger in the history of mankind, while some folks, like What’sThat?, don’t feel it deserves its “near pope-like devotion.” SusieQ had a grand time at Far East Asian (way out west) on Cantrell, particularly impressed with the garlic shrimp and lo mein. You can read about much more here.

Now it’s your turn. We’re dying to hear what you’re chowing down on this week.

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