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We have a winner for our Brit Floyd ticket giveaway




Congrats to Kim Gibson, who won a pair of tickets to see Pink Floyd tribute act Brit Floyd April 30 at Verizon Arena.

After the jump, you can read Kim's story about discovering Pink Floyd at a young age via her older brother's 8-track tapes and continuing to find meaning and inspiration in their music years later.

Tickets to the Brit Floyd show are available here.

When I was young, probably 13 or 14, I would sneak into my brother's room and swipe his Dark Side of the Moon eight-track tape. It was not like anything I had ever heard, and it opened my mind to the endless possibilities of music. I listened to it over and over. The few times he caught me, he would say "It's bulldozer time," and smash me into the bedroom wall. Not too long after that, I heard The Wall on the radio.

I would turn the volume up and sing "WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION," as loud as I could. I also interpreted some of the lyrics wrong. I thought it said "No dogs or cats come in the classroom." instead of "No dark sarcasm in the classroom." My brother corrected me on that line, after laughing hysterically at me.

Eventually my mother, a school teacher and strong supporter of education, heard me singing the song and forbid me from ever listening or singing that song again. But of course, like all teenagers I did it many more times, whenever she wasn't around. About 10-12 years ago I listened to The Wall again, carefully this time for understanding. What I heard was utter brilliance with the lyrics moving me to tears.

Now, I am a teacher myself, and the meaning I gathered from The Wall inspired one of my guiding principals of education: Students need to be built-up and not torn-down. They also need learn how to think, but not what to think. The Wall has had a significant impact on me, as I try to pass that philosophy on to future generations.

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