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Food Feedback Friday: SoMa, Sundaes, and Superdan



Shrimp and Grits from Dogtown Cookery...R.I.P.

Spring has sprung, folks, which means it’s finally time to start living outdoors again…at least until the fiery inferno of summer begins to beat down upon our fair city. Food trucks are beginning to roll out all across the city, farmer’s markets will be operating in full force, diners will be chowing down on patios whenever available—it’s a beautiful time to explore the food world.

Right now it’s time for you to feedback on all the food you’ve been devouring across Arkansas. You know the drill by now, Food Feedback Friday is your opportunity to share about any of your Arkansas dining experiences, announce any food related news or spread any juicy rumors you may have heard regarding our dining scene.

Last week on Food Feedback Friday, we heard about the merits of the newly opened Montego Café and their jerk chicken, there was some frustration expressed over Santo Coyote, and love for the lentils at HAM. Of course, there was all sorts of praise for the SoMa Second Thursday Food Truck Festival…diners were pleased with the mini peach bundt cake from Sugar Shack Sweets truck (I will vouch for their excellence), tofu lettuce wraps from Green Cuisine, lemon curd macaron ice cream sandwich and apple pie sundae from Loblolly (I, for one, am considering having “Loblolly” tattooed across my back in Old English calligraphy), and commenter, Superdan (which I promise is not my inflated alter ego), describes a “transcendent experience in gooey deliciousness” with The Food Truck’s pear, brie, and apricot jam sandwich.

Your turn, go ahead and foodback.

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