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Saturday To-Do: Cody Belew



Cody Belew plays at Beebe High School Saturday night pic
  • Cody Belew plays at Beebe High School Saturday night.

7 p.m. Beebe High School. $15.

Beebe native Cody Belew gives back this weekend by returning to his hometown to play a benefit concert to raise money for Project Graduation. According to his Facebook profile, Belew will be performing some of his new original tunes. If you haven't checked out the video for his version of "Purple Rain," you need to get yourself to an Internet and get to watching.

Just in case you were wondering, his show at BHS will be appropriate for all ages. There was some sort of question about that, and he addressed it using social media: "I have received word that there is mild concern regarding the nature of my upcoming concert benefiting the Beebe High School senior class and their 'Project Graduation.' Some have wondered whether or not it will be family oriented. Let me ASSURE you that I will put on a show that is both family friendly and MIND BLOWING! So bring your kids, grandmother, preacher, and babysitter cause we're raising money for a good cause and we'll be doing it in the spirit of community and TOGETHERNESS!" Right on, Cody. I suppose the concerns were on account of he used some cuss words when he found out he'd been picked for Team CeeLo when he was on NBC's "The Voice."

But first of all, come on, dude was excited; and secondly, come on, seriously.

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