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Friday: 'U.K. Dub Break'



The Frestylers perform at Revolution Friday night pic
  • The Frestylers perform at Revolution Friday night.

9 p.m. Revolution. $8-$13.

Dudes, listen up man, because it's SPRING BREAK! What does that mean? Time to PARTAY! But where to partay? And how to partay?

Well how's about at Revolution with a big ol' sweaty, shakin', strobe-lights-flashin', rental-car-bashin' dance party, with a massive system and tons of drops and all that? They're gonna be hosting veteran U.K. outfit The Freestylers. Wikipedia tells us that the group "has incorporated more of a drumstep sound" nowadays.

There's so many steps to keep up with: drumstep, dubstep, techstep, hardstep, jazzstep, darkstep, stepstep. Is there garagestep? Anybody remember garage? Not like The White Stripes, but like the British techno (pronounce it like you would "carriage" only with a hard "G" sound, like The Clash did). It was kinda fast, like "thump-thump-thump-thump," but faster? I think it came after deep house but before jungle and it might have turned into grime or eski.

Anyways, if you're steady on the electronic dance music, you've likely heard The Freestylers crossover hit "Cracks" from 2011. These guys are going to be doing a three-turntable set, with openers Lawler, Wolf-e-Wolf, Gdash and Mix Mafia.

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