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Saturday To-Do: "Relive Your Prom"



Wanna Relive Your Prom this weekend? Heres your chance pic

8 p.m. Robinson Center Music Hall. $35 single, $50 couple.

Did you ever wish you could relive some important moment from your formative years, say, maybe your high school prom? Like perhaps you didn't have the best prom night because you got ready and all gussied up in your baby blue rental tux and you were nervous as hell and Dad had agreed to loan you the Volare but then your date stood you up and so you said "Ah, to hell with it" and went and got drunk on Colt 45 by yourself down behind the bowling alley and then you drunkenly wandered over to the gymnasium where they were having the prom only get there and see your date dancing with your so-called best friend? Or something along those lines?

Well pardner, here is your chance to do it up right this time. According to the organizers of "Relive Your Prom," "The time has finally come for you to re-live that one moment that you once looked forward to back in high school, only this time you control the episode." Got that? You control the episode.

Here's the deal, you've got to get your tickets online ahead of time right over here.

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