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Tuesday To-Do: Mushroomhead



Mushroomhead plays at Juanitas Tuesday pic
  • Mushroomhead plays at Juanita's Tuesday.

9 p.m. Juanita's. $15 adv., $18 day of.

OK, here's the thing where we learn about a band by watching a couple of its most popular videos. The band is Mushroomhead and the genre is ... Post Nu-Metal? Sure.

First video is "Solitaire Unraveling." The band members are playing some very dusty instruments. They're hanging out in what it would look like if Tim Burton took a heroic dose of brown acid and then designed the set for "Post Apocalypse — the Musical!" There's some singing and some screaming. Lots of guitar chuggery. Lots of masks and black clothing with questionable zippers. These guys are angry, but they're also sad. There's this dude, and he's having to push this big wooden thing, then later on he's older and he has to pull this heavy wooden cart for some reason. He doesn't look too happy.

Next up is the video for "Sun Doesn't Rise." It has lots of creepy stuff, like bugs and whatnot. There's a crow fighting with a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch. The black-and-white footage is all decayed and scratchy looking. Somebody (the person who made this video) was way into the early work of Stan Brakhage. Anyways, more crows show up and they're all messing with the scarecrow and picking at him. Why won't they just leave him alone? Then this kid comes along and puts a pumpkin head on the scarecrow, which gives him powers and he starts just kicking the crap out of the crows who, to be honest, had it coming.

Opening the show are Final Trigger, Gemini Syndrome and Society's Plague.

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