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Chew on this: Chocolate salame from The Pantry




There are few things in this world more sexy than chocolate. Well, I can do one about chocolate is the shape of a salame? Yeah, that'll do it. By now, you're probably all sitting at your desk sweating over how you are going to seal the deal tonight with your significant other on this, the sappiest pseudo-holiday of the year. But despite your personal sentiments on this day of love, you know you need to do your best to impress...and a chocolate salame should definitely do the trick. Now we're not talking about some unnatural, twisted amalgamation of fermented, air-dried pork products and cocoa beans, in fact this little devil is entirely meat free, and it's really only a "salame" in looks alone. But nevertheless, this popular creation brought to us by the wonderful folks at The Pantry, is a perfect way to top off an already beautiful evening.

The chocolate salame begins its life as a block of rich, dark chocolate. The chocolate is melted into its liquid form, in which a mixture of nuts and cookie bits may be folded in. The chocolate is then allowed to slowly cool until it reaches a point in which it is malleable and able to be easily manipulated. Then it's rolled in a plastic mold and formed into a long chocolate cylinder. When the roll is sliced, it's cross section is speckled with white, brown, and tan pieces of nuts and cookies, making the finished product reminiscent of a fatty salame. Plating involves three thick slices of the decadent chocolate block— they really should stop there, but in efforts to sufficiently gild the lily, they layer each slice with creamy vanilla ice cream. Hey, I'm not complaining. The chocolate itself is silky, soft, and creamy, punctuated by crispy cookie and chewy nuts—it’s everything you’re craving at the end of a long night of burning passion and romance.

So no matter where you've decided to have dinner tonight, there's always a place at Tomas Bohm's table should you decide to stop by for a drink and dessert. They'll welcome you like you are one of the family, and the only thing more comforting than a hug, handshake, or greeting from the loveable Pantry owner himself is a nibble on one of Little Rock’s most seductive dishes.

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