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Here's the poster for Jeff Nichols' 'Mud'



Jeff Nichols Mud is due out in April pic
  • Jeff Nichols' "Mud" is due out in April.

Jeff Nichols' Arkansas-filmed feature "Mud" has a poster now, and that is it right up there. Star Matthew McConaughey's lookin' rugged, all sportin' a gat and a couple-or-five days' worth of whiskers and an impressively dirty shirt. It's a good look for him.

Also, Vogue caught up with Nichols recently for a chat about artistic inspiration, the differences between Cannes and Sundance and what inspired him to write "Mud."

From the interview:

How did Mud come about?
I was walking through the Little Rock public library and I found this book called The Last River. It had these black-and-white photographs that detail people who made a living off the lower Arkansas River. I felt like that was a part of Arkansas and a culture that I hadn’t experienced and wanted to investigate it. So I kind of picked the place and then I was thinking, You know, what could happen down there? And it was literally one of those things where you sit up in bed and you’re like, “Guy hiding out on an island!” It just felt like a classic story and then you start to wrap all the detail around that.

After the jump, be sure to check out the trailer for "Mud," if'n you haven't already.

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