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The Voice: Cody Belew on tonight's top 10 performance



Ahead of tonight's top 10 performances on "The Voice," here's Cody Belew chatting with Christina Milian about some of his favorite tunes and what's in store for his fans on tonight's performance (7 p.m. on NBC).

Among the secrets Belew revealed:

His first possession was a Dolly Parton greatest hits cassette; He has no idea where it came from.

The most-played track on his Walkman or whatever: It's a tossup between "Up to the Mountain" by Patty Griffin and Chaka Khan's "Love Has Fallen on Me."

What we can expect from him tonight: "This performance is going to be like the Grammys threw up everywhere," he said. "My heart's racing just thinking about it."

Awesome. We all knew Belew could really sing, but you've also got to love dude's hilarious candor.

Alyse Whitney at Wet Paint outlines five reasons why Belew is destined to win it all. My favorite: "His hips don't lie."

No they don't. Bam-bam!

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