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Quilts remember Trayvon



Quilt by Susan Shie, at Hearne Fine Art
  • Quilt by Susan Shie, at Hearne Fine Art

Garbo Hearne has just shared with Eye Candy these images (and others) of some of the fine quilts in the "American Spring: A Cause For Justice" exhibition at her gallery, Hearne Fine Art, 1001 Wright Ave. The quilts in the exhibition, hosted with Fiber Artists for Hope, Sabrina Zarco and Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, deal with racism, civil rights and intolerance and specifically with the Trayvon Martin case, in which an unarmed teen-ager was shot to death by a civilian "neighborhood watch coordinator."

Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, A Song for Trayvon
  • Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, "A Song for Trayvon"

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