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Little Rock's newest candy-maker is a treat in taste and style


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In the heated rhetoric of this election season, the phrase "small business owner" gets thrown around so much that it almost loses meaning. Here on Eat Arkansas, we come into contact with these sorts of folks all the time in our quest to keep all of you informed about the local food scene, and I'm always amazed at the ingenuity and skill that so many upstart bakers and confectioners exhibit. I recently had a chance to talk with one such candy-maker, Libby Lee, whose My Treat Truffles are a classy and delicious addition to our sweets scene.

Lee's truffles started as a hobby she pursued after the birth of her son, and as the treats became more and more popular with her friends, she decided to produce them professionally. To separate her product from the pack, Lee worked to customize her recipe and sought out high-quality, festive packaging. Each of the delicacies comes in an individual box, with a customizable saying printed on the inside lid — an excellent idea for parties, weddings, or that special someone. The candies themselves are quite tasty, with a moist cookie crust, a dollop of smooth peanut butter or mint filling, and a swirl of creamy dark chocolate and a dusting of cocoa on top. The result is a mouthful of decadent flavor and luscious texture that had me going back for more.

When it comes to trends in sweets, we've seen an explosion of cupcakes and a fair showing by macarons to capture the hearts of Central Arkansas, but these bon-bons are something quite different from other local candies. Lee's starting flavors are both quite good, and I've got high hopes that she'll be able to expand her repertoire and scope as her business takes off. She's understandably proud of the candy that she's making, and the candies are quite addictive.

My Treat Truffles can be ordered by calling 501-786-0295, and Lee has more pictures of her wares, as well as pricing, at her website and on the My Treat Facebook page.

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