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Here's some Guardian Alien for your Monday afternoon



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No Arkansas connection here, just a bit of jarringly psychedelic trance rock from the band Guardian Alien to brighten up — or at least WTF-ify — your Monday afternoon.

I got the tip about these dudes from the invaluable Aquarius Records bi-weekly New Arrivals list and, intrigued, stumbled upon this video over the weekend.

It was directed and edited by Matt Marlin and the music is from the band's latest release, "See The World Given to a One Love Entity." It's a six-minute excerpt of the album, which itself is a single, 40-minute track of full-bore transcendental hypnotic WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Check out the drumming from Greg Fox!

The video is after the jump, but it's worth going here to watch in HD.

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