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Saturday To-Do: The Canehill Engagement



The Canehill Engagement plays at Maxines Saturday.
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  • The Canehill Engagement plays at Maxine's Saturday.

8 p.m. Maxine’s. $5.

Although I am somewhat ambivalent toward the term “supergroup,” this is a legit instance that would call for its use. The Canehill Engagement is made up of folks from a grip of different Little Rock bands from all over the musical map.

You’ve got your Jeremy Brasher and Brian Rodgers, of The Moving Front and a zillion other bands. You’ve got your Kevin Kerby of Mulehead and Kevin Kerby & Battery. You’ve got your Burt Taggart of The Big Cats and numerous others, and who is also the head honcho of Max Recordings. And you’ve got your Jay Calhoun, of folk rockers Free Micah.

In terms of sound, Brasher explained thusly (via email): “In the sort of American folk tradition, The Canehill Engagement basically borrows a lot from Southern ’80s college rock, as well as aspects of ÔÇścowpunk,’ which is a label music magazine people used to stick on the band X.”

Also performing is Landrest, a Hot Springs outfit that has spent the last few years crafting unconventional indie rock informed by prog and post-punk, and Age of Man, an excellent psych-blues power trio from El Dorado.

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