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Dee's not gonna take it, no, he ain't gonna take it




"It," in this case being the use of the Twisted Sister classic "We're Not Gonna Take It" by GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan.

The band's frontman Dee Snider denounced Ryan's use of the tune thusly:

It was brought to the attention of the management today that Paul Ryan has been using tour client Dee Snider's composition "We're Not Gonna Take It" in his political campaign to become the Vice President of The United States of America. Dee does not support Paul Ryan. Accordingly, Dee has released this statement to Benjy Sarlin, campaign reporter for TPM in Washington, DC:

I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan's use of my song "Were Not Gonna Take It" as recorded by my band Twisted Sister. There is almost nothing on which I agree with Paul Ryan, except perhaps the use of the P90X.

As noted by MTV News, Ryan's "playlist just keeps getting shorter and shorter."

While the use of "We're Not Gonna Take It" by a political campaign is a no-brainer — it's catchy, everyone knows it, it's vaguely anti-authoritarian yet nonthreatening — Ryan's other musical favorites included a true head-scratcher. Ryan cited the highly political, truly anti-authoritarian rap/hardcore act Rage Against the Machine as being one of his favorite bands, which, what? Does he understand what words mean?

The band's guitarist, Tom Morello, made very plain his disgust with Ryan in a Rolling Stone column last week:

You see, the super rich must rationalize having more than they could ever spend while millions of children in the U.S. go to bed hungry every night. So, when they look themselves in the mirror, they convince themselves that "Those people are undeserving. They're . . . lesser." Some of these guys on the extreme right are more cynical than Paul Ryan, but he seems to really believe in this stuff. This unbridled rage against those who have the least is a cornerstone of the Romney-Ryan ticket.

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