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Win Bruhl at UALR




Landscapes by University of Arkansas at Little Rock art department chair Win Bruhl go on exhibit today in the university's Fine Arts Building, Gallery II. The drawings and linocuts convey a respite in a quiet place, the UALR press release tells us; hence the name of the show, "Solitude."

For the linocut relief print above, Bruhl cut 12 plates (some inked more than once) and sent the paper through the press 16 times, which to an old (below average) printmaker like me is unimaginable. The effect, at least in the image above (and to my eye), is to create the colors of nature as seen in the glare of bright sunlight.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 21. "Poetic Transformations," an exhibit of works by Alice Briggs, Sylvie Rosenthal, Jacqueline Bishop, Holly Laws and Jennifer Anderson, is directly across the hall in Gallery I.

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