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The barbaculture open line



Following the Arkansas Blog's lead, we're going to start posting some open lines on Eat Arkansas. Use 'em to pose questions, contribute mini-reviews, share food tips, brag about the dinner you just whipped up—anything food-related is fair game.

*SOUTHERN FOODWAYS ALLIANCE SYMPOSIUM: Check out the nifty explainer video on how barbecue differs throughout the South. It's a promotion for the Alliance's annual gathering. This year the topic is "Barbecue: An Exploration of Pitmaster, Places, Smoke, and Sauce." Too bad, even though registration began Aug. 1, it's already sold out, apparently in record time. If you're a barbecue fiend and have $600, there's still a glimmer of hope to be found in a waiting list.

*RESTAURANT CODE: The New York Times has a nifty feature on the secret language of a handful of New York kitchens. For example, at Sammy's Roumanian Steak House, "Mr. Schwarz and his niece" means "old Jewish man and his girlfriend." At Seersucker, owned by Mountain Home native Robert Newton, "F.A." means "from Arkansas."

*NEW FOOD BLOG: I got a nice email today from Kevin Shalin, who's new to the area after stints in Houston and Boston. He's an avid food blogger. Find him at

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