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Sweet Love bakes up so much more than just cupcakes




Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cupcake just as much as the next sugar junkie. But in the last few years, it seems that nearly every bakery in the country has jumped on the cupcake craze so fiercely, that some of the great American classics have taken a back seat. I would gladly trade in a few cupcake shops for a truly exceptional pie shop, perhaps a specialty cookie shop, a crème brulee food truck. Luckily, there are still many talented confectioners who can just as easily whip up a pecan pie as toss some buttercream on a cupcake, and Sweet Love Bakery is just such a place.

Sure, Sweet Love makes some tempting cupcakes, and I’m not too proud to refuse a beautiful bananas foster, spiced rum, or lemon/blueberry cupcake. But Sweet Love is doing so much more than cakes and frosting, and each time I’ve ventured outside the cupcake mold, I have been richly rewarded.

Like cookies? Of course you do. Do not miss the brown butter chocolate chip. Brown butter is simply butter cooked down to a lovely caramel color which acquires a slightly nutty, savory flavor. The rich butter plays nicely with the sweet chocolate and chewy cookie. The peanut butter cookies are among the best I’ve ever eaten, soft, buttery, full of peanutty goodness. I’m sure if the Cookie Monster were to make a visit, he would be crying big blue tears of joy.


The menu is full of all-stars, so you really owe it to yourself to just stop by and try a little of everything. But I’d definitely recommend the chock-full-o-chocolate “Triple Threat” brownies, snickerdoodle cake truffles, or salted caramel tarts. The sweet offerings in the display case change frequently, but you can pre-order anything you’d like as well, just to ensure you always get what you came for. It’s hard to go wrong at Sweet Love, in fact the only thing harder than choosing what to sample is having enough self control to not devour everything you’ve ordered before you even make it home. Go ahead and indulge, I won’t tell.

Sweet Love
8210 Cantrell Rd.
Little Rock

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