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Chien dans le parc Riverfront



Boris, in the park
  • Boris, in the park

If you are a regular visitor to Riverfront Park and this dog looks familiar to you — like, say, Dean Kumpuris' French bulldog Boris — then you are right on the money. Boris, who is a constant companion on Kumpuris' Saturday visits to the park, has been immortalized in bronze in the Vogel-Schwartz sculpture garden just behind the Peabody Hotel. The artist is Dan Glanz, who's part of the Colorado posse that has nearly monopolized public art in Little Rock, thanks to Kumpuris' contacts there.

Boris was installed about a month ago in the park. He's pretty cute, with his intense stare master-ward; if you look carefully, you can see a bow-tie reflected in his eyes. He's one of an edition, so you, too, can have a Boris. Life size, $6,000; or $1,500 for a smaller version, at the website above.

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