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LR punk, circa '92



Dudes! Check out this old-skool LR punk footage from Tre Baker. It was recorded at Riverfest Amphitheater in 1992 and features such scene legends at 12ft6, Chino Horde and reunion shows from Numbskullz and Step by Step.

"Made it when I was 18," Baker wrote. "Edited in my bedroom before heading off to college. I was going to offer it as a Video Zine as part of the whole Towncraft thing (hence the titles and everything), but it got forgotten about once I hit Missouri."

Some of you old farts will undoubtedly recognize friends, enemies, even yourselves. Note: Judging by the quantity of Econochrist and Paxston Quiggly shirts, those bands must've just come through town (Aha! They had!).

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