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Arkies on sticks kick; here's six pix



Something there is that loves a stick in Arkansas. (I am resisting the temptation to write stick in the sticks.) Artists are making sculpture from stripped branches and fallen limbs all over the place in Northwest Arkansas. In Fayetteville, it's Patrick Dougherty, who's been working for weeks on a stick sculpture on the Tyson Plaza of the museum, a project that's involved lots of Fayettevillians as well as the artist. In Eureka Springs, it's Lorna Hirsch and David Pettit and Steve Beacham and lots of other artists contributing to the "Finding Nature: Artworks in the Landscape" gallery exhibit and woodsy installations.

Here's Dougherty's work at Walton Arts Center:

Patrick Dougherty image
  • Stickwork at Walton Arts Center

And a picture of CEO Peter Lane (in green T-shirt) and Dougherty:


And Lorna Hirsch's cedar structures in the woods around her at her studio, Fire Om Earth Retreat Center, 872 Mill Hollow Road, through June 15:


Eureka artist David Pettit's sculpture made cedar logs and stones gathered from Hogscald Creek, Keels Creek, and the Kings River, installed near Wilson Branch.


Steve Beacham and bamboo poles, part of the Finding Nature show:


And this on Rockhouse Road, posted on the "Finding Nature" facebook page by Ranaga Fabiarz:


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