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Friday To-Do: The Holy Shakes



The Holy Shakes play a record release show at Maxines Friday.
  • Brian Chilson
  • The Holy Shakes play a record release show at Maxine's Friday.

8 p.m. Maxine's. $7.

OK, all you punkers and no-goodniks and lovers of rock 'n' roll's nasty underbelly, this here'll be one for the battle-scarred scrapbook of your mind, assuming you still have one left. If you've not had the pleasure of trying out The Holy Shakes in a live setting, there is no better time and place than May 25, 2012, at Maxine's in Hot Springs.

The band is set to release its debut album on an unsuspecting world, much like a wily hunter uncaging a ravenous bobcat onto the town square — an amusing if somewhat deadly prank, in other words. "Feast or Famine," pressed up on 180-gram wax, will be made available for the very first time on this evening, so you should probably have some extra dollars with you (they'll have it at Riverfest, too). The opening acts include Fayetteville's Fauxnz, Little Rock's The Nigh Ends and Fort Smith's A+ Setup.

The Shakes take it on the road in early June, laying waste to squares, posers, prudes, scolds, nags, eardrums, outdated cultural mores, oppressive societal norms and what-have-you. This will happen to Fayetteville; Chicago; Cleveland; Brooklyn; Manhattan; Greensboro, N.C., and Nashville, in that order.

Check out the Holy Shakes track "Spray Paint Saint" after the jump.

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