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Friday To-Do: Wanda Jackson



Wanda Jackson plays at Revolution Friday night.
  • Wanda Jackson plays at Revolution Friday night.

8:30 p.m. Revolution. $15 adv., $20 d.o.s.

Back in 1954, when Hank Thompson heard that girl's singing coming over the radio there in Oklahoma, what must he have thought of that sassy voice, springing out of a singer who wasn't yet out of high school? What must the young men of the era have thought of the stunningly gorgeous belle who shook her hips and strummed a guitar, fringe and frills flailing, singing in that hiccupping, early rock 'n' roll style, "Don't stop, honey bop." Lord, have mercy.

And then she went country. And then Christian. And then rockabilly revival. And then Jack White. And it was all good.

What a career Wanda Jackson has had. Don't squander this opportunity to see a for-real living legend, one who still has it and is making good music now, more than five decades after getting her start.

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