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Saturday To-Do: Chris Knight



Chris Knight plays at Revolution Saturday.
  • Chris Knight plays at Revolution Saturday.

9 p.m. Revolution. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.

Let's say your idea of a good weekend is one spent tearing down some backcountry road in an '84 Chevy Silverado on the way to the swimming hole, a cooler full of iced-down brews in the back, a dog-eared copy of "Cannery Row" on the dash, maybe a jernt tucked into the sun visor, maybe not. Well if that sounds like the makings of a good time, what'd make it sound even better are some Chris Knight tunes.

Knight makes the exact type of music I'd want to have blasting out of the crappy speakers of that truck in that scenario. It's not laundry-list country, with fake twang and extra-tired cliches about being a gun-toting country outlaw badass family man and whatnot. No, his music recalls the more thoughtful, introspective work of such figures as James McMurtry, Steve Earle and John Prine, the latter of whom was a key influence. If you dig those guys and their fellow travelers, don't miss Chris Knight.

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