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Nouvelle menu a Vieux Carre




Vieux Carre, the Hillcrest restaurant celebrating its seventh year in the ownership of the Bennett family, is relaxing its atmosphere at bit, replacing its white tablecloths with patterned fabrics under glass and emphasizing its bistro fare — wraps, hamburgers, sandwiches — while keeping favorite entrees.

Chef David Bennett said some items that were specials will now always be available, like the spicy burger, Mediterranean turkey and shrimp and grits. And here's something to toast: The changes mean Vieux Carre is lowering its prices.

Sandwiches will range between $7 and $9, with the exception of David's Outstanding Crab Cake Sandwich, at $12. Entrees — jambalaya, grilled chicken a la boursin, creamy bow tie pasta and blackened redfish — will run $15 to $17.

Vieux Carre is at 2721 Kavanaugh, next to the Afterthought, its bar that features live music six days a week. Phone number is 663-1196.

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