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Tuesday To-Do: Hank III



Hank Williams III plays Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.
  • Hank Williams III plays Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.

7 p.m. Downtown Music Hall. $21 adv., $25 d.o.s.

I've probably bemoaned the current state of music and culture as much as or more than anybody, but there have been some positive developments in the last few years. For one thing, the major labels are dying. With a few notable exceptions, these corporations were bloodsuckers that found no limit to the ways they could screw over artists and fans, especially in the '80s and '90s. $18.99 for a CD with maybe two good tracks? Good riddance. Who needs 'em?

Hank Williams III recently articulated this to SkeletonCrueTV: "It's a great time to be DIY. You've got YouTube, the Internet, when you jam in your rehearsal room, record it, upload it, make your own website." Years ago, you didn't have that option, he said, but "you don't need the majors now, just do it yourself man."

Williams also epitomizes another thing that's good about nowadays: You don't have to be one thing. Williams plays country, punk, hardcore, psychobilly, metal, sludge, whatever he wants. He's not constrained by some record label jerk saying, "Well, I don't know about this doom metal side project, Hank. It doesn't really fit in with the branding strategy we've created for you." He'll be showcasing his multiple musical styles at this show, with Hellbilly, Attention Deficit Domination and 3 Bar Ranch.

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