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"Portraits in Gray" opens



Thomas G. Wood
  • Thomas G. Wood

An exhibit of Civil War portrait photography that tells a story of the war through the faces of its soldiers and focuses on photographic technique of the era and the photographers as well opens today at the Rogers Historical Museum, 322 S. 2nd St in Rogers.

"Portraits in Gray: A Civil War Photography Exhibition featuring the Collection of David Wynn Vaughn" features enlarged reproductions of original photographs; the traveling exhibition comes from the Southern Museum of Kennesaw, Ga. There will also be photographs of Union soldiers and replicas of a Union uniform and items that would have been used by a Union soldier.

Information about the tintype photo above:

The image of Thomas G. Wood is reversed in this a 1/9 plate tintype by an unknown photographer; a mirror held up to the image reveals Tommie’s initials "TWT" under the brim of his cap. Tommie Wood of Social Circle, Georgia was orphaned at the age of sixteen. In July 1861 he joined Company H of the 11th Georgia Infantry as a drummer boy. He quickly became the pet and idol of his regiment. Months later his unit was sent to Richmond, Virginia where during the harsh winter months he contracted pneumonia. He was sent to a nearby hospital. When a visiting Reverend named William M. Crumley asked if he was afraid to die, Tommie replied, “No, I joined the church when I was but eight years of age. My father and mother are both in heaven, and I would rather go and be with them there than to stay and suffer here.” Following Tommie’s death Reverend Crumley wrote, “he was beautiful in death, lovely as the fresh cut rosebud, dripping with the dew of the morning.”

The exhibit runs through July 21.

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