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Kris Allen just trying to jam on the pier, but po-po says na-nay-no


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Man, what type of world are we living in when a handsome young singer can't pack up his guit-box and head to the beach to lay a couple-three heartfelt pop tunes on a small crowd of admirers without the cops showing up and dumping all over the good vibes? I suppose it's the type of world we are all currently living in, even those of us who are Kris Allen, Arkansas's American Idol.

You see, Kris had the notion to head down to the pier in Santa Monica last night to perform for free, because that's how he does things because he's a good dude like that. He tweeted about it: "How bout the peir in Santa Monica? 8 pm. tunes...ocean breeze...birds pooping on us. It's gonna be great."

So right in the middle of a song, some beach cop showed up and stopped him and told him he had to have a permit. And then Kris, being a dude of exceedingly even temperament and good nature, tried to shake this cop's hand as a gesture of good will. And then the cop said, "I'm not shaking your hand. I don't shake hands with anybody" like he's just so tough and uncompromising in his role as a tough, uncompromising peacekeeper that he can't even touch the hand of some ragamuffin pier urchin. And get this: the cop was wearing shorts. Shorts! And he's gonna tell Kris Allen how it's gonna be!?! Kris Allen, who's just trying to have a nice little low-key get-together at the beach!?! Gimme a break!

And then Kris follows up the ridiculous incident with these tweets: "Thanks to everyone that came out. Had a good time. And to the people that just stopped...thanks for stopping. Btw I didn't mean any disrespect to other street performers out there. I respect them so much for what they do."

See? A perfect gentleman. Kris could teach that beach cop a thing or two about manners and how you should treat people.

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