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Saturday To-Do: Record Store Day



Record Store Day is Saturday at Arkansas Record & CD Exchange.
  • Brian Chilson
  • Record Store Day is Saturday at Arkansas Record & CD Exchange.

11 a.m. Arkansas Record & CD Exchange.

Man, for some of us, this recently minted observance is bigger than Christmas, New Year's Day, Ramadan, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Halloween, Earth Day, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day, Easter and International Talk Like a Pirate Day all put together. It's a celebration of that most hallowed space, that spiritual refuge from the disposable world of Facebook and Twitter and instant gratification and 24/7 nonstop irritating BS that is modern life in America.

I'm speaking, of course, of the record store. Now, if you don't really care about music or if you're perfectly content listening to tinny mp3s you got from BitTorrent then this won't apply to you. But for the true music lovers, nothing beats an afternoon spent sifting through stack after stack of LPs, 45s and 78s looking for vinyl gold.

This year, Bill Eginton over at Arkansas Record & CD Exchange will have a good number of the exclusive, limited-edition releases put out on Record Store Day. He said he won't know exactly which titles he'll have until Friday night, and many people have already called dibs on some. But with more than 250 releases, there's sure to be something to tickle your ears.

And while Been Around Records won't have any of the RSD exclusives this year, owner John Harris told the Times that "every day is Record Store Day."

After the jump, Bill offers more details on Record Store Day 2012.

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