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Saturday To-Do: Kaya Jones



Kaya Jones plays Discovery Saturday night.
  • Kaya Jones plays Discovery Saturday night.

9 p.m. Discovery Nightclub. $12.

Formerly of prefab pop princesses The Pussycat Dolls, Kaya Jones — née Chrystal Neria — came by her stage name in an unconventional way. “I grew up in Jamaica and chose Kaya from the name of a Bob Marley album,” she told Dubai News last year. “When I was in the studio rehearsing with Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols he gave me my last name Jones. Who can say a Sex Pistol named them? So I took it.”

So does her music reflect those sounds? Nah, her vibe is more kinky dance-floor diva than punky reggae party. Sample lyrics from “Every 7 Seconds” (which is how often Jones claims to think about “it”): “Some might think that I’m a nympho / ‘cause I like a little lace and leather” and “Yeah I’m checkin’ what you’re packin’ / Are you a big boy or are you slackin’?” She’s probably best known for her single “Boyfriend.” It’s an icy, thumping pop trifle about finding out about her boyfriend’s boyfriend.

In addition to Jones, who is scheduled to go on around 2 a.m., there will be all the usual Saturday night revelry you’ve come to expect at Discovery.

After the jump, check out the flesh-tastic video for "Boyfriend."

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