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Wednesday To-Do: Monica Staggs



Monica Staggs comes to UCA Wednesday.
  • Monica Staggs comes to UCA Wednesday.

7:30 p.m. Stanley Russ Hall, room 103, UCA. Free.

Monica Staggs is a real life superhero, except that sometimes her world-saving is a bit dubious (think Tarantino — she's been cast in three of his films, both volumes of "Kill Bill" and "Death Proof"), and sometimes she flings herself from moving 18-wheelers and ends up with four skull fractures ("Joyride"). But usually she flies through the air ("Bewitched"), falls down stairs ("Crash") and jumps rooftop to rooftop ("Four Dogs Playing Poker"), as breezy as can be.

This North Little Rock girl turned Hollywood crash dummy (a.k.a. stuntwoman) has doubled for everyone from Nicole Kidman to Uma Thurman, and she's in town to tell all — what's been fun, what's been dumb, why she'll fight in lingerie but never go topless on camera, her unabashed fear of heights and how her whole career goes back to her middle school dance classes. (Did we mention that she's brash, fast-talking and hilarious?)

Check out her stories at UCA on Wednesday night.

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