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Thea's Arts Festival line-up



Jennifer Wilson
  • Jennifer Wilson

The Thea Foundation is getting ready for its first Arts Festival, an April 28 benefit for the foundation that will bring about dozens of artists to Argenta's Main Street.

Main will be blocked to car traffic from Broadway to Sixth for the festival, which will fill the street with art for show and sale. Nick Leopolous (son of Paul and Linda, brother of Thea) just sent a list of participating artists, which I am passing along to you (in order they were sent to me, which is not alphabetical).

Jane Hankins
Mia Hall
V.L. Cox
Doug Gorrell
Kelly Furr
Doug Stowe
Barbara Satterfield
Ed Pennebaker
Leon Niehues
Fletcher Larkin
Beth Lambert
Janet Donanngelo
Delita Martin
Tom and Sage Holland
Zach Graupner
Sean LeCrone
Jennifer Wilson
Bre Harris
Oksana Litvinova
John Sewell
Jason Smith
Elena Liachenko
Bryan Massey
Steve Horan
Ken Davis
Kateri Joe
Kandy Jones

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