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Sunday To-Do: Neon Indian



Neon Indian plays Revolution Sunday night.
  • Neon Indian plays Revolution Sunday night.

8:30 p.m. Revolution. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.

The buzz doesn't buzz much buzzier than it did for Neon Indian's 2009 debut "Psychic Chasms," which is one of the cornerstones of the whole, uh, you know, that thing that's a genre with a name that everyone associated with sorta doesn't wanna be associated with. You probably know the lazy shorthand: Ariel Pink-influenced, burbling, gurgling electro pop that burbles and gurgles like the soundtrack to a forgotten NES game that's drowning to death and there are '80s/'90s references/sounds and the cover is often a blurry Hipstamatic photo of a beach or a girl or something sun-kissed and vaguely sentimental.

With a name like Neon Indian and song titles like "Deadbeat Summer," "Terminally Chill," and "Should have taken acid with you," Neon Indian's initial offering had all the signifiers of the nascent chillwave or glo-fi or whatever that was or is. Being that it was music made by and for attractive, funded twentysomethings as a soundtrack for their carefree, drug-taking, fun-having, never-ending good times, I summarily dismissed "Psychic Chasms" and its peers. I was prepared to give the same treatment to its follow-up from last year, "Era Extraña." But it's actually a very enjoyable listen, as is "Psychic Chasms," here at a couple years' remove and now that I don't live in Austin anymore. It's still burbling, gurgling electro pop, but recorded and produced a little better and the songs have a darker, "Man, I'm in my mid-20s now" sort of edge to them.

Purity Ring opens up this all-ages show.

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