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Pizza Cafe: Let them cook it, on Rebsamen




More on the Pizza Cafe, but this time the restaurant at 1517 Rebsamen Park Road: I'm writing because I was really impressed with the salad, pizza and service I got on Saturday. I'm not a thin crust person, but I am a hungry person, and since Pizza Cafe was right in front of me and I was starving in I went. Actually out I went — out to the patio, which was warmed by plastic drop windows and the sun and my inner furnace, stoked by a long walk.

Starter: The Freaks and Greeks salad, a really delicious crunchy melange of olives and feta and peppers and red onions and tomatoes in a tangy and generously applied dressing. After all the greenery was gone, I used crackers to sop up the dressing.

Then the pizza. See the picture. It had roasted artichokes and deeply flavorful sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and more olives and cheese. You know, I'm an Iriana's girl, but this was a terrific pie. When you have a hankering for low-gluten dough, here you go.

Now, the service. A chipper young man didn't mind that we moved from indoors (heater on over our heads), kept the water and Coca-Colas and beer coming and was there whenever we needed him. He was happy and funny and if only everybody was just like him.

OK! Enough with Pizza Cafe for a while!

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