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Sunday To-Do: Poliça



Polica plays Stickyz Sunday night.
  • Polica plays Stickyz Sunday night.

8 p.m. Stickyz. $10.

Poliça is a newish outfit made up of folks from Gayngs. It's woozy, drug-warped synth-funk mixed with stuttering drum patterns and art-rock tendencies, all reverbed to infinity and coated with thick, heavily Auto-Tuned vocals from Channy Leaneagh. The Internet keeps describing Poliça with the term "R&B," though if this band plays R&B, it's R&B tailor-made for a night of doing keybumps of Plutonian Nyborg with the cool kids in the bathroom of the hippest bar on planet Zorffneb 9 in the year X47-K.

Replace "R&B" in that equation with "spaghetti western trance dub?" and now we're talking Marijuana Deathsquads, which also performs at this show. Remember "Brownout in Lagos," the opening track from the mighty Oneida's 2009 masterpiece "Rated O?" No? Well, anyway, Marijuana Deathsquads reminds me a bit of a spazzier take on that song, only stretched out into ultra-stoned time-warp tunnel taffy.

OK, now replace "spaghetti western trance dub?" with "hardcore" and you're getting close to opening act Total Fucking Blood. All of this music makes for an alien and disorienting experience, but you'll probably come out the other side OK.

This 18-and-older show will be one of the weirdest nights to come to town in a good minute or so, so don't snooze on it, weirdoes.

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