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Cheap eats at the Kum & Go NLR



DOG DAYS: two for $2.22 at the Kum & Go
  • DOG DAYS: two for $2.22 at the Kum & Go

While I'm not usually one to gush over gas station grub, I've got to say that I've been damn impressed with the new Kum & Go store at 5216 JFK Blvd. in North Little Rock.

I stopped in over the weekend and went back today for a cheap lunch with a friend, and have been really blown away by their selection of very cheap junk food, sodas and coffee. In addition to a 12-foot line of hot dog rollers featuring a dizzying array of cylindrical foods (including jumbo "bun buster" hot dogs, polish sausages, cheddar brats, pepper jack dogs, vertical cheeseburger and buffalo chicken, and four different varieties of crispy flour taquito wraps... all two for $2.22, mix and match, with a separate free condiment bar with stuff like kraut, chopped onions and jalapenos), the new Kum & Go features a cappuccino machine plus four varieties of plain ol' coffee plus hot chocolate, a chilled creamer dispenser with three different flavored creamers (plus a whipped cream dispenser off to one side), four different varieties of slushie, a pizza bar, a selection of pretty good looking pastries and cookies, a DIY milk shake machine and a soda fountain with both Pepsi and Coca-Cola products to which you can add vanilla, cherry and lemon flavoring at the touch of a button. That's on top of all the other stuff you can get at a regular ol' convenience store like beer, sodas, chips, gas and road maps.

Best of all, it's so cheap you'll have enough left over to splurge on a lottery ticket. For lunch today, my companion and I got three giant — and pretty dang delicious — dogs ("bun buster" for her, cheddar brats with kraut and mustard for me), two jumbo bags of chips, two bladder-buster sodas and a cookie to share, and our grand total came in under $9 bucks for the whole shebang. Only downside: one of the buns turned out to be a bit stale, but for less than $10, we can overlook it.

Maybe even best: they're open 24/7, which makes the Kum and Go prime pickin's for late-Saturday-night drunk food.

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