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Toad Suck Review #2 kickoff




Issue #2 from UCA'S Toad Suck Review formally hits the streets with a "Launchapalooza" at 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24 at UCA's Lewis Science Center, Room 102. The TSR kickoff will be the final event of UCA's ArkaText Literary Festival, which runs from Feb. 20-24.

Of the Toad Suck Review — which features works this go-round from Charles Bukowski, Amiri Baraka, Shepard Fairey and others — contributor, poet and UCA prof Terry Wright said: “The Toad Suck Review is a golden ticket that gets one beyond candied wonkification. It's a bullet train that buzzes by the usual moral morasses and pulls up instead to your final destination: cultural evolution. A TSR live event is the meteor the dinosaurs of mainstream art and literature see before settling in for a well-deserved, multi-millennial hibernation in oozy bogs until one finally apprehends what these reptiles have become: polluting contaminants.” Who are we to try to say it any better than that?

Copies of the new issue will be on sale at the event for $15. For more information about the event or the Toad Suck Review, visit their website, or email

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