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Your Mama's plans for broadening its reach



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Your Mama's Good Food, reviewed this week in the dining section, suspended breakfast last week and isn't likely to revive it, according to managing partner John Gray. Other developments as reported in the review:

For most of the time since the restaurant reopened, Fleming Stockton has worked in the kitchen, in a consultant's role, supervising the kitchen transition. He's now retired and at work on a book called "So You Think You Can Own a Restaurant" (we don't at all, but are ready to pre-order on the promise of Stockton chronicling his path from hippie vegetarian to soul food king). Meanwhile, his wife, Barbara Stockton, long the public face of the restaurant as cashier, continues on with no immediate plans to leave. Long time grill man and fryer of chicken and such Brian Davis remains on staff as well.

The new owners, brother-in-laws John Gray and Steve Maxwell, don't appear to be candidates for running the business into the ground. Gray, the managing partner, is a 25-year food service vet, who's bounced around from New Orleans to Destin. His vision for the new Your Mama's largely has to do with broadening the restaurant's reach. He's in the early stages of the application process for a license to serve beer and wine. With the restaurant's proximity to Markham Street and River Market area hotels, he thinks there could be some opportunities for business a couple nights a week. More near-term, Gray plans to start packaging Your Mama's containers for take-and-bake evening meals. "The home-meal replacement market," Gray calls it. Comfort food in the comfort of your own home? Sounds like something we could get behind.

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