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Arkansas actress Atkinson stands up for 'Compliance' at Sundance



The Hollywood Reporter notes that "Compliance," a film starring Arkansas actress Ashlie Atkinson, caused some catcalls and controversy at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, with one woman shouting during a Q&A after the screening that the film makes "violence against women entertaining." Atkinson later came to the film's defense, saying that the film is about a woman who is robbed of beauty. "If you can see beauty and find it appealing when all of her agency and her power is taken from her, then I don't know what to say to you," Atkinson said. She reportedly got a round of applause from the audience for her comment.

"Compliance," is based on a real-life case that happened at a Kentucky McDonald's in 2004. In the film, a worker at a fast food restaurant is strip searched and later sexually assaulted by her manager on the orders of a phone caller who claims to be a detective investigating an accusation of money stolen from a customer. A short clip and an interview with director Craig Zobel and actress Anne Dowd appears above.

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