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Friday To-Do: Ishi



Ishi plays Revolution Friday night.
  • Ishi plays Revolution Friday night.

9 p.m. Revolution. $10.

The self-described folktronic act Ishi has a "sound derived from their vision to unify the instrumentation of Folk music with the endless soundscapes of electronic production," their bio says.

Ishi's 2010 album "Through the Trees," incorporates many of the touchstones of dance music: thumping electro beats, droning washes of synthesizer, icy stabs of keyboard. But instead of serving to inspire dance-floor debauchery, those sonic elements were used to flesh out a set of mostly straightforward, folky rock songs. About halfway through, the album takes a pretty hard turn toward the darkly introspective, with the electronic elements largely ceding dominance to the acoustic ones.

But last year, vocalist Taylor Rea and guitarist Rob Bastien quit the band, leaving brothers J.T. and John Mudd to reboot the lineup. This year, the band promises a new album and a renewed emphasis on hedonistic ass-shaking. The 18-and-older show also includes performances from Sex with Robots, Sniq, Germz and MC Kreepa.


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